Spitting Liquid/ Oil Draining:

Spray Time:

Warning Messages:




What Battery to use?


How to refuel


When & How to replace the Chamber

How to store chamber

  • Long Term: The main reason for the smoke liquid to expire is due to its exposure to the oxygen in the surrounding air. For long term storage we suggest user to store the chamber in the Air-sealed capsule that comes with the Smoke Chamber. There is no need to remove the liquid before the storage. When store in the air-tight chamber, it can have over 6 months of shelflife.
  • Short Term (Less than 12 hours): The chamber can be store temperately (Less than 12 hours) without the air-sealed capsule if installed on a machine. 


Spitting Liquid

Oil Draining

Expected spray time for each setting

Smoke Power Level: Continues Spray Time:
Level 5 5 seconds
Level 4 8 seconds
Level 1 - 3 Continues Spray until the chamber or batteries run dry

How do I get a longer Spray?

All 5 power levels in standard mode can support continues spray without time out. If you are seeing "TIM OUT" message during power level 1-5, it is most likely due to dry tank or chamber 

Level 4-5 are designed as burst mode, and Level 1-3 are considered continues mode.

Burst mode are design for generating a strong burst for a few seconds(5-8s).

To have continues spray, switch the Power Level to level 1-3(continues mode). In Continues mode, SmokeGENIE can spray not stop until the chamber or batteries run dry.

We also suggest user to use Power Level 3 for Haze effect. All Haze footages in our footages are made SmokeGENIE at Power Level 3. The smoke output is strong enough to haze up a 500sqft room in just one minute.