852FEST Concert with Juno Mak

852FEST Concert with Juno Mak

In July, we were commissioned by Mr. Juno Mak, renowned local artist and singer, to co-design the main visual and opening effect of his 852FEST Concert event.

Juno Hero Shot

Themed around the concept of “human VS machine”, Juno wanted to create a surreal “Smoke from Body” effect: an endless coating of smoke emerging from different parts of his body as he walked around the stage.

Smoke Effect
Clothing Collaboration

To achieve this, PMI team collaborated with Clothing Design Brand, STILLHOUSE Hong Kong, to create a special setup featuring the SFX tubing kit.

A unit of SmokeGENIE was installed into the Inner Layers of the Jacket; using the SFX tubing kit, the smoke is evenly re-routed to different areas of the Jacket, it creates the illusion that the smoke is appearing from different parts of the body.

Clothing with smoke
Jacket Installation

The mic stand also received a special treatment: a SmokeGENIE was attached to the base of the stand. Using the SFX tubing kit, the smoke is channeled to appear from the Top of Mic. With precise timing, the smoke will appear as if the smoke emerges from the hand and mouth while singing.

Smoke Stand 1
Smoke Stand 2

It was a great opening effect to an already amazing night of performances. The reactions of the crowd spoke for itself.

Result 1
Result 2
Result 3
Result 4
Result 5
Result 6
Result 7
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