Born in the Summer of 2020, PMI represented the shared vision between Kelvin Chow, Peter Zhao and Micky Wong. With a common background in theatrical magic and special effects, they believed that magicians are not the only industry "making magic" in the modern era, there is also a lot of gifted "magicians" in the world of filmmaking, photography, and all arts. True magic exists when the gifted creatives in our world are empowered with tools to bring their revolutionary, unique artistic visions to life.

The name "Practical Magic & Innovations" has a double meaning: it stands for both the team's origin in Practical Effects, and also the high standard to make our tools magical and practical enough for production level work.

If there is one thing to learn from the magic industry, that is all things are impossible before they are achieved. PMI stands by that lesson, and will continue to conjure up impossible yet practical innovations, empowering the best creators of our time to make their magic.