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Capturing SmokeNINJA: The Best in Show Award at The Photography & Video Show 2024

The Photography & Video Show of 2024, which took place from March 16 to 19 at the NEC in Birmingham, was an electrifying event that left photography enthusiasts, filmmakers, and content creators alike in awe. The exhibition featured a vast array of exhibitors and among these exhibitors was PMI, who made our first appearance at the show, accompanied by our UK distributor Rotolight. Our innovative creation, the SmokeNINJA, proved to be a major draw for visitors, captivating the interest of industry veterans and newcomers alike. The handheld fog machine’s unique features and capabilities ultimately earned it the highly coveted Best in Show Award from Digital Camera World, cementing its status as a game-changer in the world of photography and videography.

Four men at the Photography & Video Show of 2024
PMI SmokeNINJA booth

PMI's Debut: Innovative HandHeld Fog Machines that Sparked Interest

PMI teamed up with Rotolight to showcase the SmokeGENIE and SmokeNINJA at their booth. Although it was PMI's first time at the event, we were able to make a significant impact with the assistance of our UK distributor. Together, we showcased our innovative portable fog machines, capturing the curiosity of the attendees and also reconnection with friends and collaborators. Rotolight's expertise in LED lighting products for video, photography, and studio use, coupled with their reputation for industry-first technologies, provided PMI with an ideal platform to introduce our handheld fog machine to a global community of photographers, videographers, and other creatives. The booth also featured a dedicated model and photography spaces, allowing visitors to witness firsthand the magic, practicality and how safe the SmokeNINJA and SmokeGENIE are. 

Best in Show Award by Digitial Camera World
Photo by James Artaius

PMI's Best in Show Award from Digital Camera World

PMI recently had the honor of receiving the coveted Best in Show Award from Digital Camera World, an esteemed platform for photography enthusiasts worldwide. During the event, as we engaged with attendees, we were thrilled to witness the incredible impact left by our revolutionary portable fog machine the SmokeNINJA , which had impressed both seasoned professionals and aspiring photographers alike. This recognition at one of the largest consumer trade shows in the UK served as a true testament to our unwavering commitment to creating innovative, practical, and ergonomic solutions that prioritize safety and enhance the user experience.

Model wearing ornate headdress and fog effects
Photo by Joey Lever
Model wearing ornate flower headdress and fog effects
Photo by Dominic Beaven

SmokeNINJA: A Sensation Among Prominent Booths

At the event, which was a gathering of exhibitors from all around the world, PMI ’s SmokeNINJA caused quite a stir. The product proved to be a sensation among the prominent booths present at the convention, including exhibitors like Nanlite, Fujifilm, Creative Hub Events, and G6coco. Many of these exhibitors incorporated the handheld fog machine into their setups, utilizing it alongside their models and photography zones. The SmokeNINJA ’s versatility and dynamic practical effects were particularly attractive to photographers, filmmakers, and hobbyists alike, who were impressed by its ability to enhance the visual appeal of their work. The portable fog machine created quite an impact at the event and was a major talking point among attendees.

two men at the Photography & Video Event 2024
Photo by Joey Lever

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