Featured in Adam Savage's Incognito Ghostbusters build!

Featured in Adam Savage's Incognito Ghostbusters build!

In September, we were notified by the team at Tested.com that Adam Savage would wish to incorporate our SmokeGENIE into his #Ghostbusters Proton Pack, as his annual ADAM'S INCOGNITO costume at New York comic Con 2021! Needless to say, we were more than happy to let them use our review unit and also sent in some extra accessories. (They have also made us a detailed review video, you can watch HERE)

Adam wanted the Smoke to be strong and dense, as it needs to leak through the panels of the Ghost trap. The SmokeGenie is perfect in deliver that dense, white puff of smoke for the required visual.


In the clip below, you can see Adam showing off the smoke effect to Jason Reitman, the director of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, who seems very impressed with Adam’s build!

We are so thrilled to have become part of something so culturally iconic and awesome at the same time. Our team is very much looking forward to seeing Ghostbusters: Afterlife to hit the Cinemas in November!

Check out the full video of Adam's Ghostbusters Build here: 


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