LAOWA Cine Gear Experience Day Hong Kong

LAOWA Cine Gear Experience Day Hong Kong

Late last year, PMI had the pleasure of joining Laowa at their Cine Gear Experience Day, where they debuted their PROTEUS 28 & 100mm Anamorphic lens, and their RANGER LITE Cine Zoom Lens.

Held at HANG WAN RENTALS, one of the largest Rental Houses in Hong Kong, many cinema professionals attended the event, including many senior members from the HKSC - Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers. Hands-on booths were set up to allow attendees to try out the new gear with demos.

At the event, PMI assisted the demos with both the SmokeGENIE for the haze effects, and also the SmokeNINJA, where smoke was added to a miniature set to enhance the shots used by the new Laowa Peri-Probe lens.

At the PMI booth, we also showed off the brand new Hazer kit, a slimmed-down version of the Pro Kit that is optimised for Run-n-gun on-location shoots.

Many thanks to LAOWA Hong Kong and One Cool Hang Wan rentals for the dedicated arrangements.