SmokeGENIE 2023 Trade-In Program

SmokeGENIE 2023 Trade-In Program

Great news to all current SmokeGENIE users!

By now, you should have all heard of the amazing upgrades we are adding to the all-new SmokeGENIE 2023 version!

At the same time, for every product upgrade, it's usually the early adopters that suffers the most. They are the ones who were the first to try something new, yet when improvements come from iteration and feedback, they do not get to share the upgraded experience.

That's not how we would want that. Our early supporters are the ones that made the smokeGENIE possible, and that is something we would like to honour!

Today, we are very proud to be introducing to all our existing SmokeGENIE users: our 2023 Global TRADE-IN program!

This will be eligible to ALL existing SmokeGENIE users across the board; as long as you have a shipping address we can send to, we will upgrade for you!

To make this upgrade even better, we have also made MAJOR price reductions on the cost of upgrade. For only $89 USD (before VAT), you will be able to receive our NEW 2023 SmokeGENIE, PLUS our Magic Remote! 

Here is how it works:

1) EITHER contact your local dealer, OR email, in the message please include the 8-digit Machine Serial number of your SmokeGENIE. Our staff will walk you through the process of the payment.

2) After payment, you will send in the following items (either to your dealer or to our Hong Kong office):
-SmokeGENIE machine main body (no need Heat Shield)
Be sure to ship it with a tracking number.

3) Once we received confirmation the machine is sent out, we will be sending out the new SmokeGENIE + Magic remote, and also a free new Heat shield to your address! (Users will only need to pay for their shipping; PMI will pay for the return shipping.)

We believe this trade-in program will be very welcomed by our SmokeGENIE users. We hope you all get to experience the upgraded features as soon as possible!