The day we fall in love poster with two women

The Fog Machine on the Set of Sing Sing Rabbit X Kelly Chen’s MV

Known for her enchanting music and captivating performances, Sing Sing Rabbit is a multitalented creative artist and singer-songwriter known for her signature giant rabbit head mask she dons during her acts. In her latest music video for her collaborative song "The Day When We Fall in Love", the multihyphenate takes us on a journey beyond our earthly confines with singer Kelly Chen. With the assistance of the SmokeGENIE, she creates an otherworldly atmosphere that transports viewers into a kitsch version of outer space. We take a closer look at how the portable fog machine was used behind the scenes in this lauded music video, selected to showcase at the 2024 Cinequest Film Festival.

A Hazy Dune with the Fog Machine

As Sing Sing Rabbit and Kelly croon in their music video, the SmokeGENIE steps onto the scene, lending a hazy touch to the dune setting. The fog machine adds depth to the atmosphere, creating an illusion as if the singers themselves are in the vast expanse of space. The ethereal fog serves as a perfect backdrop, enhancing the celestial ambience and immersing the audience in a unique visual experience.

Emenating Fog: Sing Sing Rabbit's Mask

Sing Sing Rabbit's iconic rabbit head mask, already a striking visual element, receives a subtle transformation with the assistance of the SmokeGENIE. The fog machine adds a delicate mist around the artist, enveloping her in an enchanting haze. This effect not only adds to the overall surreal aesthetic of the music video but also enhances the star's ethereal presence.

Kitsch Sci-Fi Props

The fog machine finds itself used in imaginative ways, enhancing the visual narrative of the music video. From the mini washing machine that magically transforms a moon into a cassette tape to other whimsical props, the SmokeGENIE adds a kitsch sci-fi authenticity to the aesthetic. It breathes life into the creative vision, elevating each scene and contributing to the overall mesmerizing experience of the music video.

Sing Sing Rabbit and Kelly Chen's music video showcases how SmokeGENIE can be used innovatively in the realm of multimedia art. By utilizing the fog machine's capabilities, Sing Sing Rabbit and her team have crafted a visually stunning music video that takes viewers on a journey through a funky, sci-fi universe. The creative use of the fog machine adds depth, atmosphere, and a touch of magic to the transformation of ideas into reality.