So…isn’t it just a vape?

So…isn’t it just a vape?

While it’s easy to create a large volume of smoke (search YouTube for some great DIY videos), very few of those modified machines ended up truly usable in professional productions. Why?


All smoke machines are essentially the same thing: a combination of a heating unit and a VG/PG mixed liquid to make smoke; the difference begins when you look at how the liquid is fed to the coil. If you don’t feel enough liquid into the coil, the heating unit will start to burn. If you feed too much liquid into the coil, the machine will turn into a boiling liquid spray shooter. Either way, you are causing a fire hazard on set.

The SmokeGENIE is built with internal temperature control to avoid overheating to both chamber or the electronics.

Our patented design chamber allows SmokeGENIE to achieve a dynamic balance by regulating the oil input according to the smoke output. This means maximum smoke output with minimal oil spills.



Existing vape heating units are focused on not having oil spill. Which means they tend to have a low oil input, which limits its smoke output capacity.

Any attempt to ramp up the power using existing designs will result in damaging the coil and surrounding. You may get strong smoke for a few minutes, but soon comes the unwanted flame and burning smell from the damaged heating coil, rendering your coil unusable.

Our patented design chamber combined with the 55watts of power, SmokeGENIE can produce 3 times more smoke than regular sub-ohm chambers.

With our Haze fan adaptor, our patented chamber has a filling capacity of more than 500CFM.


Peter Zhao, our engineer, has also worked as an engineer in a large e-cigarette development lab for years before developing the SmokeGENIE. He learned from his experience that many Vape users gave up vaping due to its high maintenance problem.

You have to constantly replace the heating coil and the process is messy. You would need to hire a technician, or be a technician yourself, to just keep the machine working properly.

Our patented design chamber is not only designed to last for months with regular use, it also allows user to replace the chamber as a unit. Everything the can fail are inside the chamber. That means one point hassle-free repair.


In a professional production, uncertainty is a huge cost that is unwanted. Whatever being employed on set needs to be completely reliable, or with all points of failure clearly identified and backup with immediate solutions.

Based on the comments from professionals and our field tests, we added many features to ensure GENIE can withstand the stress of professional production. 
Some examples:
- Easy refill silicone cap on top of the chamber (No more twisting and turning!)
- The same cap will change color to red when chamber is hot
- 25 mode of smoke output
- Accessories that literately enable user to precisely control smoke. Make smoke appears anywhere you want, make it stay or expend, go Up or Down.
- SMC Fast docking tubing system , etc

Battery issues have always been a nightmare to machine maintenance. On top of all those friendly features above, the batteries on GENIE are replaceable. GENIE operates on 2 X standard 18650 batteries. You will never need to worry about running out of battery or finding replacement battery. The nightmare is finally over.

With a tank capacity of 9ml, the chamber allows 20mins of smoke output with one full tank. For refilling the oil, we have added a fast access silicone cap that allows immediate refuelling without removing the chamber.