CineGear 2024: The Fog Machine with Industry Pros at Warner Bros. Studios

CineGear 2024: The Fog Machine with Industry Pros at Warner Bros. Studios

The CineGear Expo returned this year, taking place from June 7 to 8 at the iconic Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California. It was a thrilling experience for our team to connect with long-time users of both fog machines SmokeNINJA and SmokeGENIE as well as many new faces discovering our equipment for the first time. We enjoyed demonstrating our latest innovations and hearing directly from cinematographers, directors, and other industry professionals about their needs and pain points.

The Fog Machine at Warner Bros. Studios

PMI hunkered down on Stage 24 - the same stage that has hosted the filming of beloved shows like Friends and classic films like Blade Runner (1982)! The energy and engagement from attendees was palpable throughout the two-day event. It was inspiring to see the filmmaking community come together. Hands-on demos, talks, and launches of new products created opportunities for in-depth conversations and knowledge sharing.

Many industry professionals were eager to experiment with and incorporate it into their upcoming projects. These seasoned filmmakers were familiar with the limitations of older fog machine technology but were impressed by the advancements of the Smokegenie. Its 0 wait time, precise control over fog density, and ability to operate wireless made it a game-changer compared to traditional models. Attendees recognized how the fog machine's improved features could elevate the production value of their films, adding dramatic atmosphere and visual intrigue that was difficult to achieve with clunkier, less efficient machines of the past.

Hot Rod Cameras' Annual CineBeer

After the official CineGear schedule wrapped up on June 8th, our team was excited to continue the celebrations by attending Hot Rod Cameras' annual CineBeer event. Hot Rod Cameras has been a fixture in the North Hollywood camera equipment scene for many years, providing gear and services to film productions of all sizes.

Alongside PMI, over 15 brands participated in the booth demos this year, but of course, the main event is still the good food, free beer, and everyone enjoying a great afternoon at the shop. The highlight of the day came when Michael of Hot Rod announced the lucky draw raffles. Three lucky winners even took home full SmokeNINJA kits, allowing them to add powerful smoke and fog effects to their future projects.

We're already looking forward to reconnecting with the CineGear community at the next expo. Thank you to all who visited our booth and participated in making this year's event a huge success. We're grateful for your passion and partnership in pushing the boundaries of filmmaking technology.


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