SmokeGENIE for Airflow Demos

SmokeGENIE for Airflow Demos

Turns out, when it comes to handheld portable smoke, there are many users that come from outside the creative industry. One of them is the realm of Airflow testing: when people need to see how air moves in a certain environment, smoke is what they need to visualise the movement of our atmosphere. 

And in times of a Global pandemic caused by a air-transmissible virus, the demand for fast-deployable airflow demonstrations is higher than ever.

Last month, the EMSD (Electrical and Mechanical Services Department) of the HKSAR Government has been tasked to document the airflow conditions of restaurants and indoor locations where cases of COVID-19 infections were found.
The EMSD has Deployed the SmokeGENIE to visualise the indoor ventilation and examine the restaurant's exhaust systems. 

The EMSD - Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of the HKSAR Government.

To deploy an accurate airflow demo, a precise volume of smoke needs to be started in different areas of the restaurant, and remotely operated to avoid affecting the airflow itself. The Agility, Precision and Reliability of the SmokeGENIE helps makes the execution efficient.

the SmokeGENIE needs to be placed on multiple spots of the same table to simulate the airflow created from different customers. 

Besides indoor ventilation, airflow demos can be useful in many different situations. A while back, Norm Chan from ADAM SAVAGE'S TESTED youtube channel used our Genie on his review of a haptic speaker. He used the Genie to visualise the airflow created by the product. Watch the video HERE!

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