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Fog Machine Secrets Unveiled: Behind the Scenes of 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards

Lights, camera, action!

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes feature, we take a look at the Hong Kong Film Award's Promotional Video, highlighting the pivotal role played by PMI's SmokeGENIE. Throughout the production, the portable fog machine was strategically utilized to seamlessly integrate fog effects into crucial scenes, creating an immersive atmosphere that enhanced the visual storytelling and infused every frame with intrigue. The legendary Tony Leung, a recipient of the Venice Lifetime Achievement Award, further elevates the project's prestige. As the Hong Kong Film Awards serve as a celebration and support for the vibrant Hong Kong Cinema, we take a look at how to magic is made and join us in honoring the talented individuals who contribute to the industry.

Motorcycle Shot and the Use of the Fog Machine

a man on a bike with a blue screen
Final Shot
a fog machine on the floor
Behind the scenes

In the first scene, we see a captivating motorcycle shot with beams of light created by the fog machine. However, keen observers might notice a massive blue screen in the background. When working with green or blue screens, it's generally advisable not to add haze or fog. This is because the post-production work becomes more challenging when the foreground has added haze. However, in this particular shot, the SmokeGENIE was intentionally used to enhance the storytelling aspect, creating a movie magic moment.

The Challenging Long Corridor Fight Scene

two figures along a corridor
Final Shot
a figure in a very hazy corridor
Behind the scenes

One of the most epic scenes is the fight sequence in a long corridor. This scene posed several challenges due to the corridor's length and ventilation. However, the SmokeGENIE came to the rescue. Placed strategically between locker spaces, it efficiently filled the gaps, allowing quick deployment of the haze. Adjustments were made during filming, with the director and crew manoeuvring the fog machines to achieve the desired composition. The fog machine's agility and versatility proved invaluable in capturing this chaotic yet captivating scene.

Fire Scene: Real and Fake Fire

a omwan lit by red lights and fire in the background
Final Shot
a remote control in a room
Behind the scenes

One of our favorite scenes involves a mix of a real fire and a fake fire created using smoke effects. You can see the real fire in one corner, while the smoke effect behind the door is produced by the SmokeGENIE and lights. Due to ventilation issues, the fog wasn't initially coming out as desired. To overcome this challenge, a clever physics trick was employed. Instead of placing a fan directly behind the smoke source, which could cause turbulence, the fan was positioned outside the corridor. This created a difference in air pressure, allowing the fog to seep through the corridor slowly but densely, mimicking a fake fire.

Iconic Hong Kong Cinema Shot: Martial Arts and Explosions

a man in a room covered in white fabric
Final Shot
fog machine with a remote
Behind the scenes

Now, let's talk about an iconic Hong Kong Cinema shot featuring martial arts and explosions. The explosive gusts of smoke seen in the scene are not created by the SmokeGENIE. Instead, a secret ingredient is used: baby powder. By placing baby powder on the surface, mini-explosions spread the powder, following the path of the explosion's projectiles. This technique produces a realistic effect. Subsequently, the fog machine is used to generate dense fog to enhance the aftermath of the explosion.

The Importance of Haze for Lighting Effects

light beams in a dark room with hazy effect
Final Shot
fog machine used in a hazy room
Behind the scenes

In another scene, the use of the fog machine becomes crucial to highlight the light beams emanating from a projector. To achieve consistent diffusion throughout the entire room, a significant amount of haze was necessary. This ensures that the haze evenly fills the space, avoiding any unwanted lingering fog textures. The result is a beautiful display of light beams.

第四十二屆香港電影金像獎宣傳片 The 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards - Promotional Video


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