XIAOMI SmokeGENIE Cloud Installation Event

XIAOMI SmokeGENIE Cloud Installation Event

Last November, PMI was commissioned by Xiaomi to create a live, interactive cloud as their featured installation for their "Xiaomi 14 x LEICA photo gallery" event. Taking place in the heart of Chongqing's old town, Yuzhong District, the 2 day event is all about merging tech with humanities, and creating stunning spectacles for the eyes.

The gallery featured a curation of over 50 pieces, all captured by the Xiaomi 14's in house camera, co-designed with Leica. We were captivated by how effortlessly each shot narrated tales of light, shadow and clouds.

The real show-stealer, though, was the installation that PMI got to create using our SmokeGENIE portable smoke machine. Using a special setup, multiple units of the SmokeGENIE has been installed into the floorbed of the room, where a huge puff of cloud is "delivered" into the room and floats for an extended period of time, where participants can enter the room, interact with the cloud and take pictures with them using the new camera.

This piece, based on the event's theme, transformed the fleeting beauty of a floating cloud into a lasting masterpiece.

That day served as a reminder of how beautifully tech and humanities can merge. It left us at PMI more eager than ever to keep blurring the lines between the worlds of tech and art.

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