Four  figures with colourful hazy, foggy backgrounds and the NAB Show logo

Highlights: The Fog Machine at The 2024 NAB Show

The annual NAB Show is a highly anticipated event for professionals in the broadcasting and media industry. This year, PMI participated for the first time, showcasing the SmokeNINJA. Collaborating with SmallRig, Nanlite, and ZHIYUN, PMI's portable fog machine was cross-featured with their light fixtures, creating a mesmerizing combination of light and fog for portraits and studio work. The response from industry experts, social media influencers, and workshop attendees was overwhelmingly positive, solidifying the handheld fog machine's place as a game-changer.

Influencers Back the Fog Machine

PMI's presence at the 2024 NAB Show received substantial support from renowned YouTube creators and social media influencers. Influencers like Josh from Make Art Now, Cam Mackey, Gene Nagata (Potato Jet), Brandon Li, Casey Neistat, Michael Gray (Mikevisuals), and Daniel Do expressed their enthusiasm for the portable fog machine and its potential to elevate visual storytelling. Their endorsement brought PMI's innovative product to a broader audience and fueled excitement.

Workshops at the ZHIYUN Booth

The ZHIYUN booth became a hub of creativity and learning with four exciting workshops hosted by industry experts. The workshops attracted a diverse range of professionals keen to explore the creative possibilities of the portable fog machine. Here's a breakdown of the workshops and their hosts:

Workshop 1: Martin Wong and Xerenite

Martin Wong, a highly acclaimed cosplay photographer, joined forces with Xerenite, a talented cosplayer and martial artist. Together, they demonstrated how the portable fog machine can add depth, atmosphere, and a touch of magic to cosplay portraits.

Workshop 2: Irene Rudnyk

Renowned portrait photographer Irene Rudnyk showcased her expertise in combining lighting techniques with the handheld fog machine. Attendees learned how to create captivating studio portraits that evoke emotion and intrigue.

Workshop 3: Cam Mackey

Cam Mackey, a lighting specialist, delved into the world of cinematic lighting effects using the handheld fog machine. Participants gained insights into crafting visually stunning scenes and learned how to enhance storytelling through the interplay of light and fog.

Workshop 4: Keydrin Keylo Franklin

Seasoned filmmaker Keydrin Keylo Franklin shared his insights into using the portable fog machine to create atmospheric environments in film production. Attendees discovered techniques to evoke mood and heighten tension through the strategic use of fog and lighting.

The 2024 NAB Show marked a significant milestone for PMI. We showcased the power of the portable fog machine earning positive responses from social media influencers and workshop attendees. This solidified the SmokeNINJA as a fog machine that is a versatile tool for enhancing lighting effects, photography, and video production.


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