3 figures set aglow with coloured lighting and a hazy background

How to Shoot Cinematic Portraits Using a Fog Machine & Laser Projector

Not your regular portrait photography tutorial! In this YouTube video, director and cinematographer Ali combined 2 of his specialised expertise: Lasers and Smoke, in this very creative photoshoot featuring our very own portable fog machine SmokeGENIE. Let’s watch Ali's step-by-step guide and see just how easy it is to harness the power of a handheld fog machine and elevate your portraits to a cinematic level!

Tip #1: Highlight Laser Beams with the Fog Machine

One of the lighting setups Ali showcases is a laser projector. The triangle-shaped laser beam paired with the fog generated by the SmokeGENIE instantly creates a visually striking scene. The visibility of the beams is enhanced by the fog machine, adding an ethereal quality to the shot. This setup is particularly effective when combined with a black background, adding depth and allowing the laser beams to pop.

Tip #2: Try Wide-Angle Shots

Try experimenting with different lenses. Ali uses wide-angle shots to accentuate the subject while incorporating the atmospheric effects created by the fog machine and the laser beam at a different angle. This combination results in visually striking images with a wide field of view and a captivating and cinematic finish.

Tip #3: The Power of Projection

Ali also explores a setup involving a projector. By placing the projector behind the subject, the projected image becomes an integral part of the composition. The fog machine further enhances the visual impact by adding a layer of fog that interacts with the projected light, creating a dynamic and immersive atmosphere that moves with the subject.

The SmokeGENIE offers photographers and videographers a portable and convenient solution for adding atmospheric effects to their lighting setups. As Ali demonstrates in the YouTube video, the fog machine elevates your creative projects by enhancing laser beams and adding depth and mood to your compositions. With its ease of use and versatility, the portable fog machine is a valuable tool to add to your kit. So, why not experiment with different lighting techniques and let the SmokeGENIE unlock new possibilities for your visual storytelling?


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