Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add food colouring to the glycerin to create coloured smoke?

We are so blaming those fake Youtube channels and Tiktoks for these... they are ALWAYS spreading false DIY concepts like these!

Unfortunately, food colouring does NOT make coloured smoke, that's not how smoke works. In fact, the pigment of the food colouring will damage the heating coil and will make the performance of the smoke machine worse.

Can we make our own refills / use other Fog juices from other smoke machines!

We highly advise against making your own fog juice; the smoke genie will NOT work with water-based fog liquids; water has a much lower boiling point than Glycerin and will explode in the glass chamber.

ONLY IF you are a professional theatre/atmospheric effects technician, and that it is a case of emergency, you may use a VG/PG mixture with over 50% VG content to use in our SmokeGENIE. For optimal chamber performance, we still strongly recommend using our VG/PG mix, which has a ratio optimised for our proprietary Smoke Chamber.

Where we can find Smoke Fluid refills when used?

We will be offering a steady supply of refills through our webstore at All SmokeGENIE users will be able to buy of their accessories, including refills, at a fair price.

Right now, we offering 2 sizes, a 60ml bottle at 12US, and a Large 120ml bottle at 22US.
We will have full info at our webstore soon!

What's so unique about your Smoke Formula?

Our uniqueness is not so much in what it is (it's a mixture of Vegetable Glycerin + Propylene Glycol), but rather 1) where we source it from and 2) the exact ratio of each. We are aware that different Glycerin manufacturing factories actually have varying issues in quality control, resulting in a lot of impurities in their smoke juices, which leads to unwanted health/bad smell issues. We sourced or VG and PG from factories which makes much higher quality and purity to get a better effect.

Also because our chamber mechanism is unique and is more efficient than traditional heating coils in smoke output, the ratio of our Mixture is uniquely optimised for maximum “fluffyness”that you won't see in other Smoke Machines!

IN SHORT: it's still just a VG/PG mix, but we try to source more high quality ones to avoid impurities, plus the VG/PG ratio is optimised for our chamber performance.

Im planning to use SmokeGENIE indoors. Does your liquid/smoke leave stains or residue?

Based on the Test-runs done by our collaborators with the Genie in Commercial Productions, For Haze mode, no, it won't leave stains or residue.

For the Dry-ice / Liquid Smoke modes, it will create a small film of Condensed Vegetable Glycerin on cold surfaces like glass or metal. Those can be wiped off with a dry/wet cloth and will not corrode any surfaces.

As a practical tip, while the smokeGENIE is very suitable to be used in indoor studios, we recommend you maintain safe, normal ventilation during or after the shoot.

How is this different from a vape? Why can't I mod my own Vape and add a pump to it?

Actually, we used to! Coming from the background of theatre and special effects, we have been using modified vapes in our professional work for years, before we finally got fed up with all the maintenance and reliable issues, and decided to develop this!

Once you have seen a modified Vape explode on set once, you swear you will never want to use them again. (It's scary.)

Our full Development story is explained on our kickstarter video! Check out what we did to the technology and the tests we did to make sure this is a reliable machine for professionals.

Why does it not come with batteries? Where can I get them?

Yes we hate this too: currently many countries ban the import of batteries in their shipping and custom laws. We would send you batteries if we could.

So we chose the most common type of high-power Lithion-ion Power Batteries: they are called "18650 BATTERIES", they are industry standard and you can get them in most hardware stores. We recommend a capacity of 3200mah or above, and operating at 10A or above.
You will next 2 of these for the SmokeGENIE.

For the remote, you will also need 1 "23A, 12V" battery. These are also super common in hardware stores.

Does the SmokeGENIE comes with any buyer protection and/or Warranty?

Yes, a warranty is automatically applied to all successful kickstarter backers of the SmokeGENIE in this campaign, it will be a one-year limited warranty that covers any damage or defects in the electronic components our of SmokeGENIE machine (excluding smoke chamber) during normal operations. The coverage is excluded from any physical damage or damage by water (I.e. physical or water damage to the SmokeGENIE will not be covered). The buyer will be responsible for shipping the machine back to the manufacturer, and the warranty grants one free repair plus delivery back to the user.

Will your smoke trigger Fire alarms?

Our machine creates a Glycerin-based fog, meaning it has the same issue with theatrical foggers and hazers: it WILL TRIGGER ionisation-type electronic Smoke Detectors. However it will NOT trigger traditional "Red glass" type smoke alarms, since they are only temperature sensitive.