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SmokeGENIE Theatrical Fog Generator (EVENT KIT)

SmokeGENIE Theatrical Fog Generator (EVENT KIT)

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3 x SmokeGENIE set with a docking station developed by Tilta, that turns them into a powerful handheld smoke machine, but with the potability and versatility of SmokeGENIE.
The kit contains all smoke-shaping accessories, tubing system for special effects, charging station and a protective case that fits everything.
A one-stop smoke solution for cooperate customers. 

The EVENT KIT Includes:

- 3x 2023 upgrade SmokeGENIE Handheld Smoke Device
- 1x Magic Remote
-1x GENIE Trident(Fits all 3 SmokeGENIE + Magic Remote)
- 6x Shock-proof Chamber   
- 2x 120ml of Smoke formula Refill (1x 120ml bottle)
Smoke-Shaping Accessories:
- 3x RC Haze Fan + Fan Dock
- 3 set of Precision Smoke-Shaping Nozzles (4pcs)
- 3x Liquid Smoke Nozzle
Special Effect Tubing Kit:
- 1 set of SMC tubing kit
- 1x Power extension cable
- 1x Charging Station(Fits 6 x 18650)
- 3x Battery Case(Battery not included)
- 3x USB-C Charging Cable
- 3x 1/4" mount adapter
- 1x Protective Hard Case (fits everything)
         - 9x 18650 Batteries
         - 1x 23A,12V battery
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