Pairing & Erase

Pairing & Erase 


1. Everytime you Switch on the power of a SmokeGENIE, the first 30 seconds is active for Pairing and/or Erasing with the magic Remote.
2. Locate the "SET" indication light at the bottom of SmokeGENIE. There is a hole near the "SET" logo. You can see indication light through this hole. This will assist you through the pairing process.

Pair a new Remote Button to SmokeGENIE

1. Turn SmokeGENIE OFF & ON again using the power button. For the next 30 seconds, SmokeGENIE will be responsive to pairing signals.
2. On the magic remote, PRESS and HOLD buttons C & D together. HOLD for 5 seconds, then release. (This sends a pairing request to SmokeGENIE, it will be paired to the next signal it receives.)
The "SET" light will turn on, indicating the pairing function is successfully activated.
3. PRESS the button you want to pair 4 times - Red light will flash at the bottom of SmokeGENIE each time it receives a signal. Now the button is paired and you should be able to use that button to trigger SmokeGENIE.
Each SmokeGENIE can be paired to up to 4 remote buttons.


Erase all the buttons paired to SmokeGENIE


Once you Erased a SmokeGENIE1 you will need to pair a new button to SmokeGENIE before you can use a remote to control it again.

1. Turn SmokeGENIE OFF & ON again using the power button. For the next 30 seconds, SmokeGENIE will be responsive to erase signals.

2. On the magic remote, PRESS and HOLD button A & B together. HOLD for 5 seconds, then release.

The SET indication light at bottom of SmokeGENIE will flash to indicate erase is successful. All buttons previously paired to the SmokeGENIE is now erased.


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