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SmokeNINJA Global Portrait Contest: Special Announcement

Special Announcement: SmokeNINJA Global Contest RESULTS TOMORROW

With much anticipation, the day finally comes. After much deliberation with the judges over all 106 entries from around the world, we have the results! We are equally impressed and honoured by the sheer amount of creativity poured into the many submissions received. And beyond that, the effort and dedication to execute the vision really made this a very exciting contest for us, for our judges and for everyone. 

Among the 15 prizes in the SmokeNINJA global portrait contest, one prize was originally categorised as the “Best Wedding Portrait Award”.
Despite the overall enthusiasm for the contest, the amount of submissions specifically in wedding attire was not enough to warrant the representation of a full award category. We did, however, receive a large volume of high-quality entries that involved subjects in different types of celebratory and themed costumes.
After careful consideration, a thorough review with the judges and in the spirit of fairness, we have decided to honour the effort and dedication of all of these submissions and expand the original award to include all submissions that involve a “themed costume”, including wedding gowns, fantasy costumes and cosplay.
The name of the award will also change to “BEST COSTUME PORTRAIT AWARD”.
One winner has been selected by the panel of judges under this expanded category.

All other 14 prizes will remain the same. They shall be announced tomorrow.